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The Crinkit is perfect for average chewers that love to play with water bottles. This stimulating toy is a great for combating boredom and anxiety. It’s bouncy, it floats, and it’s easy to clean. Puppies, adults, and senior dogs will love the Crinkit.



  • Because we love to reuse, you stuff your own empty water bottles into the Crinkit
  • A great alternative to cloth or canvas water bottle toys, and squeaker toys
  • Material is free of BPAs or Phthalates, and contains FDA approved ingredients.
  • Made in the USA
  • Available in two sizes: 16.9 oz and 8 oz
  • Unique design and material allows your dog to safely play with a water bottle
  • Helps reduce boredom and anxiety
  • Softer material is easy on the mouth making it perfect for senior dogs
  • Easy to clean; just place it in a dishwasher without the dry cycle
  • Patent Pending



Most empty 16.9 oz water bottles fit into a larger Crinkit. A smaller Crinkit only takes an 8 oz water bottle. Securing the cap tightly onto the empty bottle allows the bottle to slide in easier. Remove the label, then put a little soap and water on the empty water bottle to help with inserting or removing it. The cap end of the water bottle goes into the Crinkit first. Once the bottle is inside, rinse off any excess soap.

Soap is just a suggestion. Our fans are getting creative with what they use to help get the water bottle inside. Please contact us if you have any questions.



Size: 16.9 oz water bottle

Length: 9.5”

Width: 3.25”

Weight: 0.6 lbs

Material: TPE


Size: 8 oz water bottle

Length: 5.5”

Width: 3.25”

Weight: 0.3 lbs

Material: TPE


Make the water bottle last longer: Cut up an old tee shirt or two and stuff it inside the empty water bottle. Stuffing as much material as possible allows the water bottle to keep its shape. Put the cap on securely, and then stuff the water bottle inside the Crinkit.

Make sure to follow the Crinkit instructions and use soap and water to help get the bottle inside.



No dog toy is indestructible. Supervised play is recommended anytime your dog plays with the Crinkit. This toy is not meant for aggressive and destructive chewers. Replace immediately if there is damage to the toy. Please understand what type of chewer your dog is before you purchase a Crinkit.


Satisfaction Guarantee and Returns

Of course wagging tails and manufacturer defects are covered under our satisfaction guarantee. If you believe a toy you purchased is defective, please return the product immediately to where you purchased it. Any defective toy must be returned within 15 days of date of purchase for a full refund or credit.

There are no guarantees on how long the toy will last. However, if you are not satisfied with the quality or durability of the toy you may return it within 15 days of purchase date to the place of purchase. Before purchasing please be aware of any store return policies which may differ from ours. Some stores will not accept returns for any reason.

If the toy is purchased on ZigooPets.com, we offer a full refund within 15 days from the date of purchase.  Please email or call for the product return address. Cost of shipping the product back to Zigoo is not included in the return. Your refund will be given as soon the product is received and the refund is processed.


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