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Buy one, Give one today!

Zigoo has teamed up with Recycled Doggies, which is a fantastic organization that just happens to be right in our backyard (Cincinnati, OH)!

Recycled Doggies Logo

Recycled Doggies finds forever homes for dogs in the Cincinnati area.

How it works: For every dog toy you order on zigoopets.com (STORE) from Feb. 2nd through Feb. 8th we will donate a second (exact same toy you purchase) dog toy directly to Recycled Doggies. It’s that simple.

About Recycled Doggies: Recycled Doggies was founded in September 2009. They are an all volunteer, all foster organization located in Cincinnati. They rescue dogs from shelters and place them in volunteer foster homes, get them the vetting and medical care they need, and find them new homes. They are a no kill organization and are a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.

This great photo of Rae was provided by Recycled Doggies. She’s been with Recycled Doggies over a year and she absolutely loves Zigoo’s Crinkit dog toy with the water bottle inside!


Zigoo and donates dog toys

Zigoo donates dog toys to Recycled Doggies.


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